Meghan Markle heartbreak: Duchess’ pal sends social media into meltdown over cryptic post


The Duchess of Sussex’s best friend sent “love to all those who carry the weight of bullies” and said there is “light at the end of the tunnel” on her Instagram account recently. Although the indirect post doesn’t address Meghan by name, it seems no coincidence that Jessica decided to upload the cryptic post in a week that has seen Meghan Markle called out by a whole host of celebrities, including TV host Piers Morgan who labeled her a “money-grabbing celebrity.”

In a Daily Mail article Piers wrote: “They’ve swapped royal duty for money-grabbing celebrity stardom.

“If they want to be the new Kardashians, they’ll get treated like the new Kardashians.

“It was shocking enough that Harry and Meghan didn’t even have the courtesy to tell either

“Prince Charles, who they sponge off, or Prince William of their grandiose plans.

“But it was absolutely appalling that they failed to notify the Queen.”

Jessica who is based in Canada has spent the last couple of weeks looking after Archie alongside a royal nanny, while the Sussexes returned to the UK to deliver the shocking news that they were stepping down as senior royals in a bid to be “financially independent.”

As the Sussexes announced their departure from royal life, Jessica also wrote that she was going to be organising a conference on how to use social media to spread positivity.

Jessica said: “Social media is not going away. It is a business tool, it can be an incredible place to find strength but it can be dark. I am organising a conference on how to handle social media as a positive platform. I can’t wait to share it with you soon.”

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Since landing back in Vancouver last week, the Duchess has already been extremely busy with public appearances.

Meghan has been pictured stepping aboard a Whistler Air seaplane from Victoria Harbour Airport in Vancouver, on a visit to a women’s shelter in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood.

The Duchess was pictured smiling and waving at photographers last Tuesday as she stepped on board the small internal flight that departed only 20 minutes away from the $14million (£10.76million) mega-mansion she is staying in with baby Archie

She took the very short flight to make a surprise visit at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver to “offer support” and to “boost the staff’s spirits”.

The staff were said to be unaware that such a well-known guest was going to be visiting the institution as part of her proposal to start a new life away from the monarchy.

The Daily Mail reported that she took time meeting with managers and also asked women what they would need in terms of support.

“It was a nice meeting,” a staff member said.

The women’s shelter is at the epicentre of the country’s drug overdose crisis that has taken the lives of 13,000 people in the last four years.

Meghan was seen to be looking an immaculate humanitarian in a fur-lined coat and leather boots as she tried to brave the snowfall.


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