Meghan Markle and Harry INFURIATE staff with ‘SELFISH’ rule – ‘Not in Meghan’s back yard!’


The Royal Household have been banned from using a car park because it overlooks the Sussexes new abode. One source told The Sun: “It’s one thing to want privacy, but this seems selfish and won’t endear Harry and Meghan to the staff. Everyone’s calling them NIMBYs, meaning not in Meghan’s back yard!”

Staffers have been urged to use the King Edward VII public car park, which is on the other side of Home Park and means a lengthy walk for many.

They will also now have to fork up to £10 a day on parking, even low-paid staff.

A royal staffer told The Sun: “To say we’re upset and annoyed is a massive understatement.

“We can only assume Harry and Meghan don’t want to look out of their window and see cars coming and going and members of staff walking into the club.”

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They added: “We are being told to use a public car park – but it’s a long way.

“Some permits will be issued but not everyone will get them.”

Previously, the staff were able to park their cars near the property to play golf, cricket and bowls at the royal club.

However, they were told from April 1 this was now out of bounds, without permission from the Windsor Castle Superintendent.

A senior source at Windsor Castle insisted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not demand the change.

They added that whilst fewer people would be able to use the car park, it would not be closed entirely.

They claimed the decision was made as a result of a review by the Superintendent of the castle.

However, the ‘Changes to Windsor Castle and Home Park access’ were posted on royal noticeboard just days before Harry and Meghan moved in.

The source added: “The fear is that soon we will be told we can’t play cricket or bowls either and the clubs will die out – it’s outrageous.”


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