Manny Pacquiao weighs NBA ownership when boxing career ends


Manny Pacquiao is considering buying an NBA team when his boxing career is over, the welterweight champion said in a new interview.

Pacquiao — who is among the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world — is “thinking about” investing in a basketball team, he said, noting he has the right experience to take on the business venture.

“I think so,” he said in response to a TMZ reporter who asked if he’d make a good NBA owner, video shows. “I own a league in the Philippines, MPPL … and I love basketball.”

Pacquiao, 40, estimates he has about five years left in the ring, thanks in part to daily workouts, which include “four to five hours” of court time.

“I feel young, like late 20s,” Pacquiao told the gossip site. “I play basketball almost every day.”

Pacquiao will face Keith Thurman Saturday for the welterweight world title. The fight airs on Fox at 7 p.m.

“[Saturday] night, class is in session,” Pacquiao reportedly said at Friday’s pre-fight stare-down inside the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. “I hope Keith Thurman studied hard because Professor Pacquiao gives very hard tests.”


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