Man Utd hero Gary Neville’s hilarious response when asked if he prefers Liverpool or City


Gary Neville refused to answer the question, and stormed off the set of the EFL’s new feature.

The Sky Sports pundit reacted angrily when he was asked if he preferred Liverpool or Man City, as part of its QFQ feature.

Neville was asked a series of quick-fire questions, culminating in which of Man United’s arch-rivals he’d rather see succeed.

Instead of answering, the former United defender ripped off his microphone, and left the set.

“Get rid of them! I’m not answering that one,” he yelled.

“None of them! I’m sick of them!”

Earlier in the year, Neville revealed that he’d rather City win the title than Liverpool.

He told talkRADIO in January: “Do you know something? I have heard for the first time in a few weeks that some United fans want Liverpool to win the title because they don’t want to see City win back-to-back titles and start a period of domination.

“I can’t bring myself to say Liverpool, I just can’t. It’s going to have to be City.”

Neville famously said choosing between the two teams was like “having a choice of two blokes to nick your wife” during the 2013/2014 season.

Ultimately, City won the battle to the title then, and they successfully overcame Liverpool this season, too.

As part of the EFL QFQ video, which was posted to the EFL’s official Twitter page, Neville was also asked to choose between Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp.

“I don’t like either really,” he said.

“I spend more time with Carragher. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

“This one’s got me, hasn’t it?! I think Jamie Redknapp’s a lot nicer, I’ll go with him.”

He was also asked to choose between his sister, Tracey, and brother, Phil.

“Depends. On a night out, definitely Tracey,” he added.

“Going to a match, I’d say Phil.”


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