Man Utd chief Ed Woodward privately laughs off Gary Neville criticism of his job


“I’ll be honest with you. I think what they should do to start with is shift the people that are in charge of the club back to the business side of club and back down to London,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“I think they should put a new football department in that are best in class, not have played at the club before, or have played 200 games before, or have been at the club 15 years, or have been a fan, the best in class football operators.

“They’ve got three here [at Man City] by the way, not none, three. And basically underneath that put the right recruitment people, the right technical people, then the manager and the coach will find it a lot easier.

“Then you get the right spirit in the dressing room. The right group of people in the dressing room.


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