Man leaps off roof of two-storey home into paddling pool to win £50 bet


A window cleaner signals to his pals before leaping off a terraced house into a paddling pool – for a £50 bet.

Dad Mizzy Duffy, 40, assesses the 20ft drop before landing bum-first in the water.

He then emerges to shout “freezing” and walks off cradling his crotch.

Pal Kieran Oldham, who filmed the stunt in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, said: “We thought he was going to chicken out.”

But people who watched the 48-second clip slammed his antics.

Window cleaner Mizzy Duffy was caught on camera assessing the 20ft drop

He was watched by his baying pals as he launched himself off the edge

One said: “Good way to get yourself killed.” Another said: “Great example to kids.”

In the 48-second clip Mizzy can be seen bum-shuffling along the edge of the roof and contemplating the jump.

As he perches near the gutter his pals can be heard shouting ‘he’s sh*tting it now, sh*tting it’.

He landed in the water bum first

He lands with a splash before collecting his winnings

Mizzy retorts: “I’m just debating whether to f***ing somersault or…”

Kieran says: “Somersault? Yeah right, just do it, just do it lad.”

The 40-year-old dad-of-one was ‘walking funny for a little bit’ after the stunt, according to a pal

Mizzy then leaps off the roof, hits the water and emerges shouting ‘f***ing freezing’ before walking off cradling his crotch.

Kieran said: “If there’d been any more height I would have given it another go, but that was the highest point.”

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