Love Island first look: ‘What the f****’ Amber shocked by Michael's move before dumping?


Geordie beautician Amber, 21, has had a rough ride in the Love Island villa this series after her former beau Michael, 27, decided to ditch her at Casa Amor and recouple with newcomer Joanna Chimonides.

The rollercoasters have continued since then, with Joanna being voted out and Irish trainee lawyer Greg, 24, coming in and making a beeline for the curly-haired bombshell.

Yet despite weeks of insisting he had no feelings left over for Amber, Michael suddenly had a turnaround and revealed he still liked the contestant.

Amber decided to recouple with Greg in Friday night’s gripping instalment of the ITV2 reality show, meaning Michael and Francesca Allen were forced to couple up as the last two remaining contestants.

But all may not be settled, as the first look for tonight’s episode has teased the Liverpudlian firefighter will make one last ditch attempt to win over Amber. Will it be enough?

In the latest clip for the episode, most of the boys are gathering around the fire pit discussion Jordan Hames’ plans to make Anna Vakili his girlfriend.

When they realise the girls are watching on in confusion however, a determined Jordan is keen to keep his plot a secret and the boys come up with an idea to pretend they’re giving Michael a pep talk ahead of a conversation with his ex-beau Amber.

Getting the wrong end of the stick, Amber is immediately alarmed by the boys’ behaviour and what could be coming her way, especially when Maura Higgins declares Michael is “going to kiss” her.

While only a game at the moment, will Amber’s fears end up coming true as Michael makes a last-ditch attempt to win her over ahead of the next couple dumping?

And would it be enough for Amber to choose to save Michael instead of Greg on the reality programme?

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“I wanted to ask the boys their opinion yeah,” Jordan begins in hushed tones. “Basically I want to ask Anna to be my ‘G’. What I thought is yeah, I could take her on a little tour of the villa, like where we had our first conversation, where we had our first kiss, just like talk her through it.

“Where we had our secret kiss on the terrace, where I made her birthday present.”

“What are they talking about, over there?” Anna asks in wonder.

“It looks really serious doesn’t it?” Amber concurs with her friend.

Clocking on to the girls’ inquisitive nature on the other side of the garden, Chris Taylor warns the other boys: “Wait there’s one more problem. What are we talking about right now because everyone is looking at us? Gonna need a b******s story.”

“Right now we’re talking about your [Michael] and Amber’s situation,” Jordan decides eventually, as Michael emphatically agrees.

The panic and confusion building, Amber witnesses: “Wait they’re having a group hug with Michael. What the f***’s going on?”

Adding fuel to the fire, Maura chimes in: “Oh my god he’s gonna try and kiss you,” and Amber doesn’t know what to do for the best.

How would she react if Michael finally tries to test out their chemistry in tonight’s instalment?

And will there be bad news for the couple when the public vote is finally revealed?

Love Island continued tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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