Love Island first look tonight: What happens between Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill?


Love Island 2019 last night (Tuesday, July 2) saw one of the most dramatic recouplings in the show’s history. Michael Griffiths had been coupled up with Amber Gill for three weeks and had told her his head would not be turned if any other girls entered the villa. Amber remained loyal to Michael in Casa Amor but when she returned last night, Michael chose to recouple with new girl Joanna Chimonides. Tonight (Wednesday, July 3) will be an hour-long episode, playing out the aftermath of last night’s recoupling.

What happens between Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill?

You can watch the preview trailer for tonight’s episode above now.

The trailer kicks off from last night’s recoupling, with host Caroline Flack asking Michael how he feels after seeing Amber again.

Michael brutally replies: “Different because there were situations where I thought she just really wasn’t that into me and I think it was quite apparent and like I said I hadn’t been true to myself.

He added: “Biting my tongue in situations I wouldn’t usually ever bite my tongue in and overlooking things I wouldn’t usually overlook.”


Caroline then asks Amber how she feels, to which she replies she finds it “confusing.”

She explained: “Because he could have said it to my face because he is so straight up“ to which Michael looks very bemused.

A separate conversation follows around the fire pit, where Michael tells Amber that she “never opened up” to him.

Amber’s ally in the villa Anna Vakili then confronts Michael about his choice to not recouple with her.

Anna tells Michael “not to make excuses for your actions” and to admit that he simply had his head turned.

Anna tells him: “If the reason you left Amber is because of all these things, you should have left her before the new girl came.”


Michael does not like the sound of that and told Anna he was over their conversation and said she is acting like a “child.”

Anna then brands Michael “fake” to which he calls her “pathetic”.

Amber speaks up and tells the entire villa: “I didn’t make nobody out like a d******* just to set things straight here. I opened up to that guy and now we are saying I made him look like a d*******?”

Michael storms off from the group, pointing and winking at Amber as he shouts: “You didn’t open up girl, you didn’t open up.”

Things could get worse for Michael, as in tonight’s episode, Amber receives a text which tells her she and Joanna will be going for a “catch up.”

Michael and Amber’s confrontation is not the only drama taking place in tonight’s episode.


Curtis Prichard is completely honest with Amy Hart and tells her he was thinking of coupling up with Jourdan Riane.

Amy tells Curtis: “I fell in love with you and I get back to this. I never thought you would do this to me. You’re the perfect man after all. Do you know how worthless this makes me feel? To know that you didn’t like me enough and didn’t respect me enough to be able to resist, makes me feel like utter s****.”

Amy is then seen breaking down in tears in the beach hut.

She says: “I thought I’d met my first love and the one and it turns out I haven’t. I’m someones back up plan yet again.”

Fans of Love Island will have to wait until 9pm tonight to see all of the drama unfold.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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