Love Island 2019: Is the Curtis and Maura romance real? Ex Islanders speak out


Love Island this week has seen Islanders Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins get closer after Amy Hart left the show. Many were shocked by this turn of events in the villa as the pair had not previously been very close. However, exclusively spoke to dumped Islanders Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane for the inside scoop on the pair.

Are Curtis’ and Maura’s feelings for real?

Love Island 2019 has been full of drama this year so far with shock dumpings and plenty of recouplings.

One of the most shocking developments in the recent week has been the growing romance between Curtis and Maura.

After he ended his relationship with Amy, Maura spoke to Curtis about her feelings for him.

The revelation shocked fans as the pair hadn’t previously seemed to interact much apart from Curtis revealing he had sent Maura a message on Instagram before they came into the villa.


Now ex-Islanders Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane have given the inside track on the romance.

Speaking to, Jourdan said: “I feel like Curtis is the type of person that when he knows what he wants and what’s right and he feels within himself it’s the right thing to do, he’ll make that move.”

She added: “I feel like if it becomes a thing it’s because they mutually want it to become a thing. But if either of them don’t want it to become a thing, it will just not be a thing.”

Danny also waded in saying that the what you see on screen is what you get with the ITV2 show.

He said: “If you see on your screen it’s happening, don’t question if it’s fake or not. They’re two real people.”


The model also added that the pair are extremely strong characters, so they wouldn’t do anything that they didn’t believe in.

He said: “Curtis and Maura particularly are such strong characters. If the villa producer told them to do something they probably wouldn’t do it. They’d be like ‘no’.”

Jourdan even admitted that she would love to see it all unfold herself.

“I’m intrigued to see how that is going to go and I almost wish I was back in there to watch it live,” she added.

Danny and Jourdan were voted off the Island earlier this week in a dramatic double dumping.

But the pair have been going strong since they left the villa, going on dates and even meeting each other’s family.


Danny explained: “It’s a whole new chapter for our relationship, it’s really exciting. We were lucky to have the villa but now we’re so lucky to have the whole world.”

The pair were at a special ITV screening of Love Island at Boxpark Wembley in London where fans can watch the show with ex-Islanders.

The event space is running screenings every night with special one-off events every Thursday for fans to attend.

Tonight (Friday, July 12), the drama looks set to continue for Curtis and Maura after new girl Francesca Allen choose to couple up with Curtis.

The latest trailer for the episode showed Curtis giving Maura a massage on the day bed before the boys cook dinner for the girls.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm


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