Love Island 2019: Caroline Flack exposes big show secret ahead of ITV launch


Love Island is back and returns to take over your summer one again on Monday night, when a brand new series kicks off with twelve singletons entering the villa hoping to fall in love. 

Ahead of the first episode airing, host Caroline Flack has revealed a show secret. 

During today’s This Morning, presenter Alison Hammond was live from the villa in Mallorca with Caroline and she was keen to find out about her signature slow-motion walk. 

Love Island fans will know how Caroline enters the villa several times a week to deliver news to the contestants, which is usually about a recoupling or eviction. 

When she does, the camera shows the Flack Attack walking sultry and slowly and Alison wanted to know how she did it. 

Caroline divulged: “The slow-mo walk? Right, the secret about the slow-mo walk is it’s not actually slow-mo. 

“I walk normally and then they slow it down. So I don’t walk like that all the time, it’s just this- Caroline then demonstrated the move for This Morning viewers at home. 

“Is that it?” Alison exclaimed, “With a little flick of the hair? That’s so sexy!” 

During the conversation, Alison was keen to find out whether there were any secret information she could expose. 

“In the hideaway, there’s a secret compartment, and they don’t know where it is, they have to find it!” She explained, but added she “didn’t know” where it was but added “sexy treats” were inside. 

It comes after ITV revealed the official lineup for this year’s series which includes five girls and seven boys. 

However, it seems there is going to be a big shake up during the first week. 

According to reports, six more contestants are going to arrive which will be “drip fed” as time goes on. 

A source told The Sun: “The current line up isn’t going to stay the same for long – and the newbies are super-hot. They are being called ‘bombshell arrivals’ and viewers will see why when they see them. 

“They are currently holed up in a secret location and will make their appearances as the series goes on. It’s going to make amazing TV, and it’ll be a real twist for those who start the show.” 

One of those who is going to be in the original line-up is Tommy Fury, brother of boxing extraordinaire Tyson Fury. 

The 20-year-old from Manchester is hoping his “unique and easy-going personality” will put him in good stead to win. 

Another contestant with a celebrity connection is Curtis Pritchard, brother of Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ. 

He revealed he is willing to go “as far as it takes” to get the girl he wants because “there is a competition element” to the show. 

Joining the lads is also Anna Vakili, a 28-year-old pharmacist from London, who revealed her best physical feature was her eyes, “I get compliments on [them] a lot”. 

Love Island 2019 returns to ITV2 on Monday at 9pm. 


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