London Marathon: Hayley Carruthers COLLAPSES on the finish line after brutal race


The Brit was coming to the line but fell to her knees just moments before she crossed it.

BBC commentator Steve Cram said she was ok, and even before she went to the floor he was talking about how tired she looked.

“A brave effort, this young lady is still learning the Marathon and this morning I saw her she was full enthusiasm,” he said as she came down the home straight.

“She went off really quickly it has to be said and look she’s paying for it now.

“She’s still going to run a personal best here but she’s struggling to get to the finish line but hale had a go today she had a real go.”

He then said: “I hope haley’s ok, she looks very, very tired.”

And as she dropped to her knees before crawling over the finish line he said: “Oh they need to get her help there. She’ll be ok.

“Well done Hayley. Hayley has just run a personal best. She’s ok. she knows she has to get across the line.”


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