Liverpool star at centre of HEATED live TV argument after Barcelona loss – 'You lost 3-0'


Barcelona beat Liverpool 3-0 at the Nou Camp thanks largely to a second-half brace from Lionel Messi.

The Reds have received plenty of praise for their performance, with many believing the scoreline was unfair on Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Nicol and Moreno were discussing the match and came to blows over ESPN’s player ratings for the Liverpool side.

Left-back Andy Robertson was given a nine out of 10 rating, the best in his team.

Nicol agreed with the rating, claiming the Scot had a fine game against Barcelona.

But Moreno could not believe how a player who saw his team lose 3-0 received such a high rating.

Moreno and Nicol exchanged blows with ESPN presenter Dan Thomas in the middle of the two.

And you can read the every word of the argument below.

Moreno: I don’t know how a team loses 3-0 and your left-back gets a nine on the player ratings.

Thomas: Stevie you said he was excellent as well, Robertson.

Nicol: Absolutely, absolutely, he played some great balls forward.

Moreno: A nine? You lost 3-0.

Nicol: He made two tackles that were goal-saving tackles and every other thing came down the other side.

Moreno: So a nine? A nine?

Nicol: Absolutely.

Moreno: Losing 3-0.

Nicol: Absolutely.

Moreno: Semi-final of the Champions League.

Nicol: Yep.

Moreno: Okay, excellent.

Nicol: Never put a foot wrong all night and saved two goals. I don’t know what else you want from him.

Moreno: Well not allow three goals.

Nicol: By the way he put a couple of fantastic balls in the box as well.

Moreno: I’m not going to get caught up on whether Robertson has a nine or not. I can tell you that, or anybody, you can’t get a nine when you lose 3-0. I’m just saying.

Nicol: So if the goalkeeper makes 20 saves and you lose 3-0, are you going to give him a five?

Moreno: He doesn’t get a nine, but whatever. It’s neither here nor there.


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