Lakers face MAJOR free agency headache costing MILLIONS after Anthony Davis trade


The Lakers made it very clear since their season ended that a trade for Davis was their No 1 priority.

After the 26-year-old indicated to the Pelicans that he still wanted to leave this summer, David Griffin opened negotiations with the Lakers and other teams including the Boston Celtics.

But the Lakers beat their rivals to sign one of the best players in the league to join LeBron James.

Now their attention swiftly switches to free agency, and there are a number of scenarios which could have huge ramifications on the Lakers’ cap space.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Lakers could have anywhere between $23.8milllion or $32.5m in cap space depending on different scenarios.

“If both sides agree to push back the trade call until July 30, Los Angeles will have $32.5 million in room to use in free agency,” he wrote.

“By waiting the 30 days, Los Angeles would be acting like a team over the cap and would be allowed to use the fourth pick in the draft as salary.

“If the trade is finalized on July 6, that number will shrink to $27.8 million.

“Davis also has a 15 percent trade bonus worth $4 million that would see the Lakers’ cap space shrink to $23.8 million if the trade is completed in the first week of July.

“Davis will have the right to void the bonus.”

The Lakers will likely get Davis to void his trade bonus, but whether or not the Pelicans are willing to help the Lakers further by waiting 30 days to make it official remains to be seen.

By trading away Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart, the Lakers will be desperately looking to bolster out their roster in the right way to accompany Davis, James and Kyle Kuzma.


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