Labour crisis: Jeremy Corbyn's party SAVAGED over anti-Trump stance amid misconduct claims


Labour frontbenchers are set to protest against Trump in what has been termed a “carnival of resistance”. However, the party has been accused of “hypocrisy at the highest level” amid allegations of misconduct within the party by Conservative MP Peter Bone. Mr Bone’s comments come as it has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn’s office had intervened to stop the suspension of David Prescott, son of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Mr Prescott had been accused of “unwarranted sexual advances” by a female MP who had also told the party leader that “forceful, rude and aggressive” to two students who “refused” to have sex with him as reported by The Sunday Times.

Attacking the party for hypocrisy over the matter, Mr Bone said: “It is hypocrisy at the highest level.

“Maybe this is a diversion tactic to take attention away from their failures.

“This is student politics.”

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Kate Murphy, Mr Corbyn’s chief of staff, however, claimed that the party did not “have grounds to suspend” Mr Prescott over the allegations.

Mr Prescott has denied the allegations and has never faced a wider investigation.

Away from the accusations of misconduct within the party, several Labour MPs have lined up to criticise Trump’s arrival in the UK.

Diane Abbott has been announced as a key speaker at the protest while Clive Lewis has hoped that he hopes to hold onto the ropes of the “Trump baby”.

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Speaking on the protests, Mr Bone said: “These protests show that the Labour party are not fit to be in Government, where they would have to deal with our closest ally.

“President Trump is a duly elected President and they have shown themselves to be immature.”

Emily Thornberry has also released a video urging the party’s supporters to join her at the protests.

She added by accusing Trump of “destroying” the common values between Britain and the US.


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