Kyrie Irving to Lakers: LeBron James told of surprise summer plan in free agency


That’s according to NBA Hall of Famer Mitch Richmond, who suggests it will be between the Lakers and the New York Knicks who signs him in the summer.

Boston have a mountain to climb in their Eastern Conference semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Two defeats at the TD Gardens have left them 3-1 down in the series, but it has also been the manner of the losses which have been bitterly disappointing for Boston.

One more defeat in this series and the Celtics will be eliminated from the postseason after being backed to win the Eastern Conference at the start of the campaign.

It has raised further question marks on Irving’s future in Boston, with free agency looming.

He has performed below par over the last two games, despite picking up 52 points.

Some former players have suggested Irving’s body language is already clear that he plans to leave the Celtics in the summer.

The New York Knicks are seen as the favourites, while the Brooklyn Nets have also been touted as a possible destination.

But Richmond, who retired as a Laker back in 2002 by winning the NBA title, believes Irving will be best served teaming back up with James in Los Angeles.

“That’s one of the places I’m pretty sure that he’s looking at,” Richmond said The Rich Eisen Show.

“I mean, there and New York. No question about it, he wants to be the man on a team.

“With LeBron, LeBron let him be him. When you get a little older, you need that guy that can go and get his shot any time he possibly can.

“I think that’s what LeBron was missing with this [Lakers] team.

“It struggled at times when he wanted to rest and he wanted to sit back and he didn’t have that guy that can really go and get him 35 and kind of win the game.

“If you go back to the time they beat the Warriors (in the 2016 NBA Finals), LeBron had a great series but it was that one game that Kyrie put them over the top.”


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