John Major's Brexit attack: Tory leadership candidates are in 'dangerous territory'


Two of the Tory leadership candidates have not ruled out the prospect of adjourning Parliament, to ensure MPs would be powerless to block a no deal departure from the EU. Dominic Raab and Esther McVey are said to be considering such a move, which would end the current parliamentary session. Speaking at the Chatham House London, Sir John Major said such a move would be “dangerous territory” and that he could not imagine previous prime ministers “putting Parliament aside” to get through a “difficult policy”.

The former prime minister said: “It is fundamentally unconstitutional and to hear that argument come from people who in the Brexit debate talked of the sovereignty of Parliament being at stake, it is not only fundamentally distasteful, it is hypocrisy on a gold plated stem.” 

He added that he did not think the House of Commons “will allow it to stand”.

He said: “To be absolutely frank, I don’t think anyone who proposes [it] or even lets it flit through their mind for a second has any understanding of what Parliament is about, what sovereignty is about, what leadership is abotu or what the United Kingdom is about and the soon the House of Commons stamp on this idea, absolutely comprehensively and forever, the better.”

Sir John also said it is not credible to take the UK out of the EU without a deal.

More to follow…


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