Jobless woman, 34, 'told she's too old for educational courses' in bid to work


A jobless woman claims she’s been discriminated against for being too old for educational courses at 34.

Sarah Duffin says she has applied for hundreds of jobs over the years, but has been left with rejections and unanswered applications.

After leaving school with no qualifications, Sarah has been on the dole ever since.

But, in her younger years Sarah said she was able to access courses which would hopefully boost her employability skills, reports Hull Live.

Now she claims various institutions are discriminating after finding it difficult to gain a placement on such a course.

Sarah claims this is because of her age, with most courses being aimed at those aged 16-24.

She said: “I’m 34 years old and I’ve been on the dole ever since I left school with no GCSEs no nothing, and it’s been hell.

Sarah says she’s been left feeling “discriminated against” and “depressed”


“I’ve done so many different types of volunteering, including at charity shops, and I’ve done courses on employability skills, health and safety, catering and food hygiene but none of it has got me anywhere.

“Now I’ve tried to get on a farming course so that I can open up my own smallholding with animals and sell jams and bread, but I’ve been turned down because they’re only taking in people aged from 16 to 24, so I’m ten years too old.

“It’s so unfair and I feel discriminated against over my age. I just feel like the government doesn’t care and that I’ve got nowhere to turn.

“There’s just not the opportunity out there for older students who want to better themselves, and what I’m going through right now isn’t doing any good at all for my anxiety and depression.

“I’m so angry and in such a low mood right now”.

Sarah says it is a struggle to get by on her dole payments of £73 per week, and says she is left with very little money after paying for food, rent and bills.

The situation at home is also tough for Sarah, who has never been able to get her own place and independence due to her finances.

Sarah left school with no qualifications and has been on the dole ever since


She currently lives with her 63-year-old mother who cares for her 34-year-old brother, who is disabled and has cancer.

“All I want is a chance to get a job and make something of myself, whether its a housekeeper, working in a kitchen, just anything to get off the dole,” said Miss Duffin.

“£73 a week after all my rent, food, and bills are paid for is just not enough money to live off, and my mum gets hardly anything on the carer’s allowance either, so it’s really hard for us all, along with looking after my brother.

“I feel like nobody is listening or wants to help, and I’m sick of being looked down on like I’m a piece of s*** just because I’m on the dole.

“I’m p***** off and things just need to change in terms of getting people into work. There needs to be more education opportunities provided for older adults.”

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