Jasmine Harman ‘still friends’ with A Place In The Sun producer who made weight jibe


Jasmine Harman, 43, was able to forgive and forget after A Place In The Sun producer made a comment about her weight. The Channel 4 star’s colleague sent an email around with pictures of her when she first started out on the programme, implying she looked pregnant when she wasn’t. Fortunately, Jasmine refused to take the jibe to heart as she went out for pizza that evening and opted to ignore any negative comments. The presenter has now shed an impressive two stone and has got her size 10 frame back.

While reflecting on the incident, she divulged to The Mirror: “It was harsh what she said. 

“But it was years ago and I’m still friends with her.”  

One of Jasmine’s main motivations to lose weight was her tenth wedding anniversary.

The TV personality was determined to fit into the elegant white gown she wore when she married TV cameraman Jon Boast.

Speaking about her health and fitness achievements to the publication, she gushed: “This has always been my goal. I have all the same butterflies I did then. I feel like a princess again.

“Putting on this dress been something I’ve been thinking about for so long and I didn’t know if it would actually happen.”

Jasmine weighed 12st 4lbs last year and was a size 14 to 16.

The mum-of-two then changed her lifestyle by quitting junk food, reducing her portion sizes and getting involved in exercise classes six times a week.

Jasmine recently revealed to Closer she used to compare herself to her petite A Place In The Sun co-host Laura Hamilton, 37.

She admitted: “I’m quite tall at 5ft 9in and I felt like a giantess compared to my other co-presenters, like Laura Hamilton.

“I’ve always had a big appetite – when we’d go for dinner, I knew I could eat double the portions they could.”

Following her transformation, Jasmine often shares diet tips on Instagram with her 23,000 followers.

Back in April, the star posted a snap of her dinner in a “tiny cereal bowl” as part of her portion control method.

She captioned the post: “Dinner! Most of the time when Hubby is away I can’t be bothered to cook for one, and that is often where I fall down as I snack.

“So I decided if I’m going to get back on the wagon with my nutrition after Easter I’m going to have to cook for one! 

“Here is tonight’s offering! In a tiny cereal bowl as usual as I’m trying to get my potion sizes under control!”

 A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm.


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