Jane Cox: ‘It was a curveball’ Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle spills on big storyline


In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Jane Cox’s character Lisa Dingle is set to wed Zak Dingle (played by Steve Halliwell) for the second time.

The two were first previously married in 1998, but in 2015 they parted ways.

Zak left Lisa for family friend, Joanie Wright (Denise Black), and the couple got married in 2016 until she died from a cardiac arrest the following year.

Discussing the surprising twist in Lisa’s life at that time, Jane, 67, told TV Times: “It was a curveball, wasn’t it?”

Despite the shocking development, Jane admitted she’s glad Lisa and Zak found their way back together.

“But I’m so glad they’re back together; that’s the important thing.

“I think she should always have been his wife, and the fact that they’re marrying again is something the audience want.”

It’s unknown how long Lisa and Zac will have left together but Jane admitted she will continue to check in on on-screen family.

“I’ll continue to watch the show; all my friends are there and we’ll be keeping in touch,” she said.

“Although I’ll probably get jealous if Zak meets another woman!”

In Emmerdale, Lisa recently told her family that she’s suffering from a condition called amyloidosis which is causing heart failure.

While she did have a course of chemotherapy, it failed to work meaning she does not have long left to live.

Tragedy could be set to strike on Lisa’s wedding day to Zak as the actress teased her death will see her bid a “happy goodbye”.

Speaking about giving Lisa a definite ending, she told Radio Times: “I think it’s better as it tells a complete story, and there are a lot of people out there dealing with terminal illness.

“When Lisa’s diagnosis was revealed in the International Women’s Day episode we had a good response from those pleased we were raising the issue.

“Lisa could go off to Spain or something but this way it gives a truthful end to her story. I will wave Lisa a happy goodbye.”

Jane also revealed what she will be up to after her filming her final scenes on the ITV soap.

She shared: “I just need to take stock and think about life in a different phase. I’m 66 now. I don’t feel it, but there’s a lot of things I want to explore. I want different adventures.

“I’m not ambitious, so with acting I’m so happy to have done everything I’ve done to date. I’ve been in the business for 48 years.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

Jane’s interview can be found in this week’s TV Times, out now.


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