ITV This Morning: ‘Calm yourself!’ Holly Willoughby distracted by excitable guest


This Morning viewers got a cute treat today as Winter and Lily made their way into the studio.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield met the adorable dogs who are currently looking for a new forever-home. 

While the presenters learned all about the pair, it was little Lily who seemed to cause some mischief, without even meaning it.

The limelight was solidly on half-Akita Winter, and all of the conditions that an owner would need to comply to with her, when Lily tried to get the camera on her.

She began to excitedly scratch her back on the sofa, but while doing so, contorted her little body into weird positions.

Desperately trying to get that itch, little Lily threw herself in the air before rolling around on her side against the famous settee.

The whole moment didn’t go unnoticed by Phillip and Holly who couldn’t help but giggle at the strange sight.

Phillip joked how a dog has “never done that before”, suggesting how they usually go to the toilet on the floor. 

Holly laughed: “We love our sofa, but not quite as much as Lily does!”

However, nothing could stop Lily as she desperately writhed around on the floor to scratch herself.

Holly yelled: “Lily, calm yourself!” It seemed the pooch did hear her, but nothing could stop her on her mission.

The presenter continued: “Take her to DFS, it would be like her Disney.”

Meanwhile, viewers were loving Lily and it seemed there were many who would love to take her home.

One wrote: “Lily the dog definitely selling herself and showing everyone why they should adopt her.”

Another added: “Awwww I want a Lily @thismorning.”


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