'It's b*******' – Nick Kyrgios fumes at Rafael Nadal during Wimbledon grudge match


There is no shortage of bad blood between Nadal and Kyrgios and they engaged in a fierce battle on Centre Court.

Nadal got the first early break and Kyrgios was unhappy with the umpire for not noticing one of his challenges.

However, later in the first set the Australian was again complaining but this time about Nadal’s time between serves.

He felt the Spaniard was slowing the match down to stop him getting any momentum.

“He takes too long between serves it’s b*******,” Kyrgios exclaimed.

The world No 43 rushes through his deliveries with only a couple of bounces of the ball.

But he wanted his opponent to speed up his deliveries.

“I am ready to serve? WHy am I waiting?” Kyrgios raged.

“He is controlling the tempo. Why should I wait? It’s pathetic.

“It’s stupid. Nah don’t talk to me. You’re so biased. These dudes take 40 seconds between every serve.

“Don’t tell me to play within the rules if he doesn’t play within the rules.”

more to follow


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