‘I’m a travel expert and there’s a specific time to book for the best Black Friday deal’


With Black Friday just around the corner on November 24, there are plenty of hotel, holiday and flight deals up for grabs.

But how can holidaymakers secure the best deal? A travel expert has shared their top tips for snatching a Black Friday bargain.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of FlightsFinder.com, said: “Black Friday can be a great way to save a lot of money on flights and other travel expenses such as hotels and car hires.

“It’s important to be prepared for when the discounts start coming in to make sure you’re actually getting the lowest price possible. Before confirming your booking, watch out for hidden fees such as specific seat reservations and inflight entertainment.”

Black Friday might officially start on November 24 but there are plenty of deals already on offer, check out Express.co.uk’s blog for our picks.

Be flexible

Shahab said: “Don’t limit the number of flight options by sticking to an exact day and time as the more flexible you are, the more likely you’ll bag a deal. Search for flights midweek or during unsociable hours to find cheaper options.”

Sadly, it’s often unlikely holidaymakers will find a deal for the dream trip they’ve had their eye on for months. But if tourists can be flexible, they might find something even better for a different destination or time of year.

Wait for Travel Tuesday

Shahab said: “Although Black Friday has become synonymous with bagging a deal, waiting until the following Tuesday may offer you even better prices. Travel Tuesday is a little-known hack for those wanting to save money on flights.”

Some holiday providers might save their best deals until Travel Tuesday but there’s no guarantee. It’s best to snap up a bargain if it’s a price you’re happy to pay as deals are subject to availability.

Book in the morning

Shahab said: “If possible, jump on your laptop or phone early in the morning to increase your chances of a better Black Friday deal before the flight sells out or tickets become more expensive.”

Popular deals could get snapped up straight away so it’s a good idea to check websites as early as possible.

Watch out for any hidden costs

Shahab warned: “Travellers may think they’ve found a good deal but be careful not to be caught out by any hidden fees. Airlines may charge extra for baggage, leg room or specific seats.”

Many budget airlines charge passengers extra for baggage or to choose a seat, so make sure to check exactly what’s included in the deal before buying.

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