Ian Wright ‘baffled’ after what he has heard about Liverpool players before Man Utd clash


“This is why looking at the one goal that Mane’s scored against Man United is so baffling because there’s so much interchanging, there’s so much coming from both wings, there’s so much coming to them that as a three they can just wait for things to happen, get the ball into Firmino.

“Even if it’s not going well he’ll do something beautiful and wonderful and then bam it will happen.

“It seems like they can be unstoppable and when you get this game, if I’m a Man United player I’m actually quite afraid of what could happen because they’re in such a great position in where they don’t have to go for it, they’re not under pressure to go for it, and that makes players like that relax and then they can do whatever they want when they’re like that.”


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