'I saved £50,000 in my 20s anyone can do it if you are disciplined'


The said she had saved £40,000 by 26 and at the age of 28 this had grown to £50,000.

She said you have to set yourself an allowance in order to save money.

The project manager told needtoknow.co.uk: “I gave myself an allowance for spending after bills and, as my salary grew, I tried to keep my allowance the same – allowing for inflation.”

“It meant I didn’t become accustomed to another lifestyle so that allowance still felt comfortable.”

Another key tip is avoiding trends. She drives an old Ford Fiesta and bought her iphone outright so she’s not tied into a contract.

Her third tip is side hustles as a way to earn extra cash in order to boost your main income.

Fourthly, she said look for deals on holidays or shopping on non-branded items on food shops.

She says it’s also important to shop around when finding the right bank for your savings.

She said: “In a time like today. make sure your savings are sitting in a high-interest account.

“Also, look at ways to utilise your money from ISA allowances and investing if you are wanting to save that money from an early age.”

She started work at 14 as a pot washer in a local cafe and worked in various part-time jobs from 16.

She still managed to save despite earning a minimum wage.

Lockdown also helped Matilda and she managed to save £20,000 over two years.


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