‘I am disgusted!’ Britons furious at Corbyn’s plot to get John Bercow in House of Lords


The outgoing Labour leader’s inclusion of the former Speaker of the House of Commons on his dissolution honours list has caused controversy due to what was seen as Remainer Mr Bercow’s lack of impartiality while in the chair. The socialist’s plan to hand a peerage to the former Tory MP was first reported in The Sunday Times. Express.co.uk readers have taken to social media to vent their anger, accusing Mr Corbyn of “sticking two fingers up” at the establishment. 

Some readers have taken aim at Mr Corbyn, accusing him of making a “disgusting” move in his final weeks as party leader while other have called for the House of Lords to the completely abolished. 

One Labour supporter fumed: “I hope that all the Labour voters are disgusted with this! I know I am!” 

“These people don’t give a toss about the general public!” 

Another person said: “Jeremy Corbyn sticking two fingers up at everyone yet again.” 

And a third reader wrote: “This must be stopped. 

“Why can Corbyn recommend him, he’s not an outgoing PM, just a ‘has been’. 

“Bercow must be touting himself all over Parliament to avoid the humiliation he so deserves.” 

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The House was also branded a “rich looking after the rich club”. 

And others pointed out the irony of Mr Cobyn’s list, given he has called for the abolishment of the House in the past. 

“Corbin [sic] was going to get rid of the lords so has he changed his mind because his mate wants to be a Lord, the one who spends money likes it’s gone out of fashion,” slammed one reader. 

Another said: “Perfect illustration of Cornyn’s true leanings. Anything and everything to rebel, regardless of whether he believes what he’s revelling against. 

“I dread to think what he’d have done if he had won the election. What a farce that would have been, rebelling against you own rules and policies.” 

Labour sources declined to comment on the claim that Mr Bercow had been nominated by Mr Corbyn. 


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