How Meghan Markle and her family 'left Royal Family with their TROUSERS down’


The Duchess of Sussex and her family have stirred up plenty of drama since she became engaged to Prince Harry. Meghan’s sister, Samantha, made numerous attempts to tarnish her reputation, branding her “Princess Pushy” and publicly calling her a social climber. She even travelled all the way to the UK from the US to take part in television interviews.

Meghan’s relationship with her father Thomas has also turned sour since she joined the Royal Family.

Just days before the nuptials, it was revealed Thomas had been hit with a heart problem and was too ill to make the trip.

The announcement came as he admitted he was paid to stage paparazzi photos to sell to news outlets in an effort to improve his image.

The two have reportedly not spoken to each other since then.

According to 2019 documentary “Meghan and Harry: the First 100 days”, the Royal Family was “caught with their trousers down” by this situation.

However, royal correspondent Helen Kirwan-Taylor and Prince Harry’s biographer Duncan Larcombe claimed it is Buckingham Palace’s own fault for not handling the situation in the best way.

Ms Kiran-Taylor said: “For a machine that is so used to the press, they didn’t do their work.”

Mr Larcombe added: “The Palace missed their chance to embrace Meghan’s Family and to say to them ‘we are going to help you’.

“‘Don’t give interviews, if you have any trouble, any hassling you phone us and we can sort it out.’

“They missed that opportunity now.

“The Pandora’s box is open.”

PR guru Mark Borkowski expressed a similar view on the Royal Family’s handling in ITV’s ‘Harry and Meghan: A Royal Baby’ documentary.

He said: “When you are dealing with AA list celebrities, it is really tough. It is unforgiving.

“The royal household didn’t deal with her family and cut them off and separated them out and they became the embarrassing dad.

“That was a huge mistake.”


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