How Boris Johnson’s life was TRANSFORMED by his new girlfriend – ‘less tired and grumpy’


As reported by The Daily Mail, 31-year-old Miss Symonds is a fitness buff. Indeed, Miss Symonds’ Twitter page is covered in environmental messages and she has seemingly transmitted a more modern outlook on to the Tory leadership candidate. Mr Johnson’s love of meat has made the news in the past, he once said he enjoyed “late night binges of chorizo and cheese” and refused to quit meat after the UN said it would help prevent climate change.

A friend told the Mail he has gone more or less vegetarian and has increased drive due to the changes in his diet: “He isn’t as tired or grumpy and gets much more done.”

He reportedly even dabbled in veganism but lasted three days as he couldn’t bear to go without cheese.

The former Foreign Secretary reportedly lost 12lb in a fortnight after cutting down on meat, eggs and dairy.

Mr Johnson used to boast about how he drank “at least a bottle of wine a day” but he’s now down to one glass according to reports.

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Lucas Armitage, a grooming expert, said this has had clear visual results, telling the Mail: “His skin looks smoother and less ruddy.”

Mr Johnson, whose campaign has pledged to deliver Brexit on October 31st was reported to have quit cycling over fears he would be targeted by terrorists.

But the former London Mayor, who famously introduced Boris Bikes to the capital, is now back on his bike and has been hitting the weights with Miss Symonds’ encouragement but appears to have given up running.

Some sources have said that Mr Johnson who has been divorced once is prepared to get married to her once his divorce to Marina Wheeler is finalised.


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