Horrific injuries of model, 37, beaten unconscious by ex on 'make or break' trip


A mum-of-five suffered horrific injuries at the hands of her ex-husband on a ‘make or break’ trip to save their marraige.

Model Lucy Mears was told one more kick to her head could have killed her and was left with bruising, a broken nose and a bone jutting out of her gum.

On the surface, the 37-year-old, from Wolverhampton, seemed to have it all.

But behind closed doors, Lucy suffered years of mental and physical torture at the hands of her partner, until a trip to Newcastle brought it all to an end, Birmingham Live reports.

She said: “I was packing [for the trip] and I told him I didn’t want to go. He kept saying to me ‘come on we’ll have a lovely time’ but I had a feeling.

“I told him that this weekend would be make or break for us and I said ‘if I don’t leave you then I’ll end up leaving you in a body bag.'”

After an evening celebrating his birthday, the couple headed back to their hotel room.

Lucy was later woken by the door slamming and a tirade of verbal and physical abuse began.

Model Lucy Mears was told one more kick to her head could have killed her


“I was kneeling up on the bed asking what was wrong and then he punched me on my left cheek,” she said.

“I went flying off the bed but I managed to stop myself. I said ‘don’t ever do that to me again,’ so then he hit me and I ended up on the floor where he continued to hit me, kick me in the head and rag me around.

“It was the first time he had hit me in my face. Normally he would hit me somewhere where I was able to cover it up.

“I tried to scream for help but we were the only guests staying on that particular floor that night.”

“I was on the floor I looked up to him and begged him to stop. I looked in his eyes and there wasn’t anything there. It was like he was dead behind his eyes and that’s the face that haunts me.

“For months I couldn’t sleep, every time I closed my eyes I just saw that face.”

Lucy suffered a broken nose and her body was covered in bruises

Lucy was beaten so badly that she was knocked unconscious. When she finally came round she knew she had to escape.

“I wasn’t sure how long I was out for but when I came round I just felt numb,” she said. “I couldn’t move but I knew if I stayed there he might kill me.

“It felt like there was an angel lifting me up, somehow I found the strength to grab the blanket, wrap it around me and drag myself out of the room.

“I finally made it into the lift and out of the building where there was a group of men who tried to help me. I begged them not to come near me and they called the police for me.”

The following night a police officer visited Lucy to see if she wanted to press charges. He had told her that her facial injuries were the worst he had ever seen and that one more kick to her head could have killed her.

“I had a broken nose, a bone sticking out of my gum and my body was covered in bruises, even after a week they were still coming out,” she said.

“I also had to have an MRI scan to check for a bleeds on the brain, I was really lucky.”

Lucy was beaten so badly that she was knocked unconscious

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Lucy has not seen her ex since that fateful night and two years on she has met someone else, who she says has shown her what love is really about.

Her ex was convicted of actual bodily harm and was handed a 24 month suspended sentence.

Now things are finally looking up for the mum-of-five as she pursues her dream of becoming an underwear model.

With her new found confidence she has made it to the finals of Miss Swimsuit.

“My ex always told me I was a tramp,” she said.

“I really feel thankful for Verena and Miss Swimsuit UK for giving me this opportunity and the life I’ve got because I never thought I would have even half of it.

“I would also like to thank Women’s Aid, victim support and my independent domestic violence advisor because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

Now the 37-year-old wants to help others who have suffered just like her and show them that there is love and life after an abusive relationship.

She has also kicked off a petition, to help enforce tougher sentences for abusers, which you can sign here.


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