Holidays: Risk of all-inclusives revealed – don’t fall victim to these holiday SCAMS


All-inclusive hotel deals are by 14 per cent, with the set cost a big draw for holidaymakers.

This way, no one need worry about totting up the spending. Free drinks are a big lure for holidaymakers.

However, things can go wrong with these holiday, as with any – however, holiday-makers pay up huge sums of cash up front.

Britons lost out on almost £7 million last year due to online holiday booking scams, and experts warn you should never pay by bank transfer for any holiday.

One Briton, Gayle Evans booked an all inclusive deal to Cuba, to Havana and then at the beach.

They paid a whopping upfront £10,000 for six of them.

However, the hotel was not what they expected, and Gayle said: “There were aerial shots with a hotel building and trees, it looked everything we wanted it to be.”

When they got there, things were not like the images they saw.

“We noticed broken things and dirty things, and it was unkempt.”

They claimed there was mould on the shower curtains, and they didn’t even unpack.

Gayle contacted the holiday rep to ask to be moved, but they said there was no where better.

“I have complained, and they alway reply by saying ‘this a Cuban four star’ and ‘it’s a third world country what did (we) expect?’

“Their final offer was £800 back off the price of the holiday,” she said.

John, who once worked in the all-inclusive hotel trade, claimed that hotels often work with preferential doctors an clinics.

He said: “They gladly get a doctor you to see you because they get paid.

“The hotel had signed a contract with a clinic or doctor.”

Holidaymaker Chris caught cyclospora cayetanensis, a parasite, from his holiday, which left him throwing up blood.

He told the programme: “Almost a week in I started waking up feeling a little bit funny. It started tog et progressively worse and I got a bad headache.

I got this sudden urge that I was going to throw up, got to the sink and threw up what I can only describe as blood.

“My wife was crying her eyes out thinking I was about about to die.”

Chris spent 24 hours in hospital and carried on the holiday, although he was on a specific diet and couldn’t eat.

However, experts did claim it was a good time to buy an all-inclusive deal, provided they always check the deals are legit.


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