Holidays 2019: Never do this one popular activity in Turkey or risk serious consequences


Turkey holidays are a popular choice for Britons but it’s key to be aware that other countries may have different rules to the UK. It can be important to research your destination ahead of a trip to ensure you don’t land in hot water on arrival. There’s one activity in Turkey which is banned in Turkey even though it’s legal in the UK. It’s illegal in Turkey to vape. It’s one of many countries around the world which have banned e-cigarettes.

It is illegal for vendors to import and sell e-cigarettes and related products in Turkey.

Those travelling to the country on holiday will not be able to buy any vaping liquid refills or equipment while there.

Turkey has clamped down on vaping in recent years and attempted to stunt the growing market.

This comes despite Turkey being the country with one of the highest smoking rates in Europe.

If vapers don’t want to be caught short they have to bring enough supplies to last them the holiday.

Vape Club founder Dan Marchant shared his travel advice on vaping and Turkey travel.

“In destinations that are popular with British tourists such as Turkey, the limitations caused by e-cigarette laws can come as a shock to those who are unaware,” he told

“If you are booking a holiday, do some careful research into the legality of vaping in your chosen destination.

“If it is prohibited then pick a different destination. After working so hard to switch away from tobacco, it wouldn’t be ideal to place yourself in a situation where you might return to cigarettes because you cannot vape.

“Regulations in some countries restrict the selling of vaping products, though it is legal to vape there. We’d advise you to be aware of these laws and ensure you take enough e-liquid, spare coils and batteries to last you the course of your trip.

“Countries, where this regulation is in force, are closer to home and in Europe, in countries such as Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland.

“In the past, the regulations for vapers travelling on planes have changed, so we’ll always advise you to be safe with your kit on planes and familiarise yourself with the airline policy before you travel.

“For example, some airlines restrict the number of spare batteries you can carry onboard.”

As for smoking traditional cigarettes in Turkey, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) says: “Smoking is prohibited on public transport and in all indoor workplaces and public places.

“Smoking is restricted in some outdoor areas where cultural, artistic, sports or entertainment activities are held.”

This year the UAE changed its laws on vapes – or e-cigarettes – and there are numerous rules about where people can and cannot smoke them. 


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