Google Maps Street View: Woman caught in VERY embarrassing fall in Brazil


Google Maps Street View photographed a woman in a very mortifying episode in Brazil. Google caught her just as she fell over in a rather dramatic fashion. To add to the humiliation, her tumble rapidly went viral after appearing online. A hilarious photo series captured the woman as she ended up flat on her face.

Google Maps Street View snapped the woman initially as she was strolling along the pavement.

The brunette walker can be seen wearing blue jeans and an orange jumper.

She strides confidently along between a high hedge and a wooden pylon next to the road.

However, the next shot photographed by Google portrays her in a very different position.

It shows her lying flat on the pavement after she – one assumes – tripped and fell.

Her legs are partially up in the air as Google Street View captures the tumble mid-action.

The woman’s arms look to have been put out to protect herself from impact.

Her head appears to have been spared hitting the ground, however as it seems to be raised up slightly.

Despite the dramatic nature of the fall, it seems she wasn’t badly injured.

Another shot shows the brunette woman on all fours as she attempts to get back to her feet.

Luckily for her, Google Maps has blurred out her face so she cannot be identified.

The woman is far from the only person to have been snapped mid-fall by Google.

A boy in Chile was captured as he was hurled off his bike at the side of the road. The unfortunate child’s leg and arm are in the air as he is hurled to the ground. 

Apart from the camera capturing the funny shot, no other humans can be seen in view.

However, the boy’s accident appears to have startled two dogs which can be seen next to parked cars in a residence behind him looking straight at the kid.

It’s unclear what caused the mishap. The proximity of the bike to the pavement suggests it could have accidentally struck the kerb and jolted the boy from his seat. Or perhaps the young child simply lost control as he rode along the road.


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