Game of Thrones: Syrio Forel’s fate sealed in season 1 Joffrey Baratheon clue


Game of Thrones season one saw Ned Stark (played by Sean Bean) brutally beheaded with many of his men also killed on the orders of Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson).

His head was put on a spike near the Red Keep and Joffrey used it to taunt Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) who he was promised to marry.

Sansa was distraught by the sight of those she once relied upon being left for the crows to pick at but now fans have realised one of Ned’s men was missing.

Syrio Forel’s (Miltos Yerolemou) head was missing from the wall hinting he may have survived despite the odds of him making it out of King’s Landing alive being very slim.

Reddit user Werevark noted the last fans see or hear of Syrio is when he picks up a wooden sword to face Meryn Trant who is fully armed and wearing a suit of armour.

This led many to believe Syrio had been killed but the fan isn’t so sure as Joffrey failed to name him when tuning Sansa.

They explained: “Joffrey was happy to offer Sansa a viewing of all the heads of her father’s delegation, including her Septa, but he doesn’t mention a Braavosi that the traitors had smuggled into the Keep who slew several guardsmen and kept a member of the Kingsguard from apprehending a fugitive.

“Also, as mean as Meryn is, he never says anything about the encounter ever as far back as I recall.”

They went on to add however that it’s likely the King may not have wanted word of Syrio’s death to make its way back to Braavos.

“Perhaps it’s because they don’t want word of the death of a former First Sword of Braavos reaching his native land, but there’s a new ruler now with his own First Sword,” they continued.

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“So I don’t see why they’d be nervous to release those kinds of details; he wouldn’t be obviously important to anyone in power anymore.”

Other fans aren’t too keen on the theory but the Reddit user stated Joffrey would use it to torture Sansa despite the pair never really having any contact.

“Just another person of her households employ that he could’ve rubbed her face in, but no one says anything,” they argued.

It’s not the first theory to suggest Syrio managed to survive the attack by Joffrey’s men with some fans certain he had a secret role in teaching Arya how to kill the Night King (Vladimir Furdik).

One theory suggests Syrio was employed by the Faceless Men to recruit Arya and use her as a weapon to kill the leader of the army of the dead.

After escaping Westeros, Arya eventually made it to Braavos where she trained with the Faceless Men and learned how to kill.

She was certainly prepared to take on the Night King during the Battle of Winterfell – could it have been down to Syrio?

Reddit user cheekyleaf wrote: “Let’s say that Arya was relentlessly recruited by the Faceless Men because they knew with their collective hive-minds that she’d be the one to eventually kill the Night King and end the long night.”

The user explains how the Faceless Men manipulate Arya first through Syrio and then Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha), who many believe are the same person.

Eventually Arya heads to the House of Black and White where she trains as a deadly assassin making her way home to stop the one thing that could destroy it.


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