Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 LEAK: Fans astounded as episode drops early AGAIN


Game of Thrones fans have been gearing up for the second instalment today in major excitement, but now it has been reported the episode has already been leaked.

According to Fanside site Winter is Coming, Amazon Prime subscribers in Germany were able to watch Game of Thrones season eight episode one with a special surprise at the end.

The instalment, titled Winterfell, came to its conclusion as normal, but rather than cutting off, it rolled onto the next episode.

Viewers let the credits roll and episode two suddenly began playing in an enormous treat for devoted fans.

A photo from Reddit user Laudi_jo claimed to be depicting the leak, which simply showed the initial credits sequence and the German title at the top “Folge 2”.

Taking to Twitter, fans began commenting on the unbelievable developments as it happened, and most people were not happy.

“F**k F**k F**k. #GoT 8×2 has been leaked online. I hate hackers. I saw sth I shouldn’t have seen. It ruined me. #GameOfThornes #ForTheThrone,” one person raged.

Another wrote: “Game of thrones season 8 episode 2 whole episode leaked online #got got episode 2 leak.”

A third stunned fan said: “#GOT episode 2 has been leaked WTF.”

While a fourth seemed to find the whole thing funny, simply writing: “#GOT Leaked 😛 :P.”

Fans continued to share their thoughts, with one person declaring: “WANTS NO PART OF THAT LEAK IF THERE IS ONE..HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE..I’LL RETURN AFTER #GOT TONIGHT.”

“When it’s Sunday and no leaks in horizon… oh wait, there it is #GameofThrones #GOT,” another quipped.

A third warned: “Be careful there are some leaks circulating from tonight’s episode of #GOT it’s time to block some words!”

“Oh my there is #GameofThrones leaks going about. I Swear if I see any on my timeline, I will be hitting that block button,” a fourth commented.

Others were excited and keen to share their encouragement for viewers to watch the latest episode tonight.

“I just saw a #GameOfThrones leak and yaaaaaaaaallllllll they are SHAKING THE TABLE,” one person enthused.

Another praised: “I just saw the #GameOfThrones leaks and y’all, tonight can’t come soon enough.”

“Whichever numpty leaked episode 2…this will be your fate… Be nice Dragonlets, don’t spoil. Mama dragon is signing off until tonight now. #NoSpoilers #Gameofthrones #ForTheThrone,” a third begged.

A fourth posted: “#gameofthrones episode 2 leaked on a German site.”

Game of Thrones season eight continues tonight on HBO and Sky Atlantic in the UK.


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