Game of Thrones: Grey Worm’s secret plan for Jon Snow revealed in death twist?


Game of Thrones may have ended earlier in the year but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorising about what they wished happened.

The finale, which some thought was too anticlimactic, saw Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) murder Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) for burning King’s Landing. 

He managed to escape being killed by Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) who was fiercely loyal to the Mother of Dragons.

However, actor Jacob has now hinted his character definitely wanted to see Jon dead, much to the delight of fans.

While speaking at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, Jacob told the Hall H audience, as reported by Comic Book, Grey Worm was torn on what to do.

He explained: “It’s a good question. I think that in my head there came a point with Grey Worm toward the end where it became like, ‘Enough is enough’.

“I think that’s a big reason why he left. It was like everyone who was ever dear to him was dead now. And he’d only just learned how to have people be dear to him.

“So I think he was just like, ‘This is a violent place, and this isn’t what I want my existence to be anymore’.

“I just didn’t want it to be violent,” Jacob explained, hinting Jon would have survived even if Grey Worm had the chance to murder him.

The actor added: “So I think there’s a sense that he was willing for there to be a trial – he just wasn’t trying to kill everyone anymore. 

“I don’t think he necessarily wants to kill Jon Snow, he just doesn’t want him to be alive.”

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While this may seem to be a little disappointing for fans of the show, it actually shows a character progression in Grey Worm. 

The warrior was trained to be completely ruthless throughout his upbringing as member of the Unsullied Army.

However, it seems he had learned some heart by working with Daenerys, even if she didn’t show any in the end herself. 

Meanwhile, Daenerys Targaryen’s fate was sealed by Varys (Conleth Hill) before the end.

Before being killed by Jon, the Mother of Dragons was nearly poisoned by The Spider in episode five of season eight.

It all boils down to a tiny moment when The Spider was sitting in his chamber writing notes to his sources.

A young girl burst into his room and told him Daenerys “wouldn’t eat again”, to which Varys explained she should “try again tomorrow”. 

Many thought this was a reference to poison and now Conleth has confirmed the theory.

He told fans in Hall H: “Yeah… The coin, when a Targaryen is born, is going to be one side or the other. And [Dany’s] has come down a bit cray cray towards the end. 

“I think Varys knew long ago he was going to die, and what the sorcerer might’ve said to him, might’ve been what [Dany says when he’s burnt to death.”


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