Eurovision 2019: Rylan Clark hits back at claims Brexit could ruin UK’s chances of winning


This year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest continues in Israel tonight with the second batch of entries hopeful to go through to the final.

Rylan and Scott are posted in Tel Aviv to commentate on the semi-finals, and appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss whether there have been any changes to the atmosphere this year following the drama of Brexit negotiations.

Entertainment reporter Richard Arnold had flown over to Israel to chat to the commentators over breakfast.

Speaking via video link to Ben Shepherd and Susanna Reid in the ITV studio, he asked: “So is Eurovision more politically charged than ever?

“Let’s put that question to our men on the ground every year here at Eurovision – Rylan and Scott Mills as well.”

“To me, it’s always just a music competition,” Radio 1 DJ Scott replied. “So it doesn’t feel any different for me.

“Does it feel any different from last year?” the presenter asked his co-host.

Considering his answer, Rylan noted there were some political notes to the contest, but he didn’t think they were due to the developments with Brexit.

He shared: “No, I mean listen, sometimes the voting can get political.

“It’s like, ‘Oh you’ve given 12 points to your neighbour, of course you have.’ But no, Eurovision is the one thing that personally I think, is not about that.

“It’s just about the music,” the former X Factor singer finished.

Susanna, 48, appeared more concerned with Richard’s fashion choices for the occasion however.

Noting Rylan and Scott’s uncannily similar outfits, she teased: “Richard you didn’t get the tight black t-shirt memo?”

“I try not to wear dark colours too much when I’m abroad,” the reporter laughed in response. “Because I get the sweat under boob patches!”

As the interview came to a close, fellow journalist and presenter Kate Garraway noted something very surprising.

Back in the studio, she said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Richard so formal with Rylan. He shook his hand there!”

“It’s because he’s got a big job!” Susanna exclaimed, and Kate gave the Eurovision commentator a jokey warning.

“Rylan, don’t muck it up,” she said with a chuckle.

Also during today’s programme, Laura Tobin accidentally swore live on air.

The weather reporter was forecasting from the Blackpool Tower on a harness and as the fear hit her she accidentally said “f**k”.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV and Eurovision 2019 semi-finals continue tonight at 8pm on BBC4.


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