easyJet flights: What is easyJet’s hand luggage policy? How much baggage can you bring?


easyJet flights are many Britons’ mode of transport when jetting off abroad on holiday. The low-cost airline is known for its cheap prices but this does mean the carrier is strict when it comes to luggage. easyJet hand luggage can sometimes be difficult for travellers to pack due to the limited allowance. Moreover, cabin baggage sizes can be confusing as rules often change. So what is the current easyJet hand luggage rule?

easyJet permits plane passengers to bring one cabin bag per person onboard the aircraft.

“There’s no weight limit but we do ask that you are able to lift it into the overhead locker,” states the easyJet website.

Travellers should be aware that cabin space is limited so there is only room for up to 70 items of hand luggage on an easyJet plane.

Bags that do not fit will be put into the hold and can be collected from the baggage carousel on arrival in the airport terminal.

easyJet does have a size restriction for carry on luggage. Bags must no bigger than the following dimensions: 56x45x25cm (including handles and wheels). They must fit within the airline’s baggage gauge.

The easyJet website states: “Cabin bags should be placed in the overhead lockers or if small enough under the seat in front of you.”

If passengers’ baggage exceeds this allowance then it will be put in the plane’s hold for a charge.

This will cost £40 at the easyJet bag drop desk or £50 at the boarding gate.

Fliers are also allowed to bring some extra things into the cabin. These “accessories” include: umbrella, overcoat, crutches, walking stick and one standard bag of goods bought at the airport.

easyJet now has an app that customers can use to check the size of their hand luggage from home.

The airline explains online: “If you’re unsure whether your cabin bag fits within our maximum dimensions you can use our handy bag sizing tool on the easyJet: Travel App.

“Simply open the app and click on your trip itinerary to find the bag sizing tool. You can then use your mobile phone camera to size your cabin bag.

“If it fits inside the maximum cabin bag dimensions you’re good to go! If it doesn’t fit, don’t worry! You can always add hold luggage quickly and easily through the app or within Manage Bookings.”

With such a strict limit on hand luggage, travellers flying with only cabin baggage must be careful when it comes to packing for a trip away.

Hitha Palepu, author of How To Pack, shared her luggage packing tips. “Versatility is key,” she told travel magazine Wanderlust. 

“Pack clothes you can wear in multiple situations, whether for day-to-day travel or going out for an evening.”


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