DWP urges pensioners to claim extra £201 a week as thousands miss out – can you claim?


    Pension Credit is a benefit for people over state pension age on lower incomes. There are two parts to Pension Credit – Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit.

    “Check your eligibility today.”

    Pension Credit is a tax-free payment for which those who have reached the state pension age, currently 66, and live in the UK.

    How much is Pension Credit for the 2023-24 tax year?

    Guarantee Credit tops up weekly income to a guaranteed level of £182.60 if someone is single or £278.70 if they’re married or in a civil partnership.

    Savings Credit provides some extra money if someone has made some provision towards their retirement by saving, or with a pension other than the basic state pension.

    The extra income provided by Savings Credit is up to:

    • £15.94 a week for a single person, and
    • £17.84 for married couples, civil partners or a partner they live with as if they were married.

    However, individuals won’t qualify for Savings Credit if they reach state pension age on or after April 6, 2016.

    People might get a higher amount of Pension Credit if they’re disabled, have caring responsibilities, or they’re responsible for paying certain housing costs, including mortgage interest payments.

    How to apply for Pension Credit

    If someone qualifies for Pension Credit (whether single or as a couple), they can apply up to four months before their state pension age or when they want to start receiving it.

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    On the Moneyhelper website, it explained that if someone has £10,000 or less in savings or investments (including their pension pot) it won’t affect how much Pension Credit they’ll receive. 

    But people might get a reduced amount if they have more than £10,000 saved. 

    For every £500, or part of £500, of pensions or savings someone has over £10,000 – they’ll be treated as having an income of £1 a week. 

    This is added to any other income one has, such as a pension. 

    People can claim any time after they reach state pension age but their claim can only be backdated for three months. 

    This means people can get up to three months of Pension Credit in their first payment if they qualify during that time.


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