Dominican Republic beatdown victim’s hubby says authorities lying about attack


The husband of the woman who said she was savagely beaten at a Dominican Republic resort says authorities there bungled the investigation into the attack — and are lying about it now.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley is still recovering from the assault she claims happened after she left her room at the Majestic Elegance for a snack, and then was jumped from behind by a man wearing a uniform from the Punta Cana resort.

She says she was dragged down a flight of concrete stairs, beaten for hours, strangled and then thrown into a crawl space filled with wastewater.

Her husband, Christopher Daley, said officials have dropped the ball every step of the way, starting with resort security delaying a search for her.

“We were supposed to get a police report in February and we didn’t get that,” he told NBC10 Friday.

Daley and the friends they were traveling with went to the front desk at least three times when she went missing before security searched for her. She wasn’t found until the following morning, when she heard voices above her and called for help.

The irate hubby also discounted Dominican officials’ determination that his wife was not sexually assaulted.

The family hasn’t gotten the rape kit results back, and said doctors took two days before conducting the exam, during which time his wife had already showered.

Punta Cana Tourism Police told the station that while conducting interviews, investigators found “incongruencies” and “discrepancies” in Daley’s statements. The husband claimed that the couple was interviewed together.

The country’s attorney general said Friday that Lawrence-Daley refused to file a complaint, the station reported.

The back and forth covers myriad other details, with the Daleys charging a lack of concern and thoroughness on Dominican authorities’ behalf, and officials from the country pushing back on their claims.

What’s clear is that several other incidents involving tourists have taken place in the Dominican Republic in recent months, including a Maryland couple that was found dead in their room at a different resort last Thursday.


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