Did you see what Mohamed Salah did after Lionel Messi’s stunning free-kick vs Liverpool?


While most of his team-mates were back in defensive positions for the free-kick, Salah stayed up the pitch, hoping to take advantage of a counter-attack.

The Egyptian international did not get the chance, however, as Messi proceeded to produce a sensational whipped effort which sailed into the top left corner.

Despite Messi’s revered brilliance from direct free-kicks, the thinking that he could beat Alisson Becker from a central position from just under 30 yards out was wishful.

Three strides and one sweet connection later and Messi was running off to the Nou Camp crowd, sitting down with his arms aloft, soaking in their adulation.

Salah, in contrast, was absolutely distraught.

Liverpool’s chief marksman immediately pulled his jersey up to his teeth and ran his fingers through his hair in disbelief.

Conscious to not transmit a defeated exterior, the 26-year-old then strutted to the halfway line to restart the game, clapping his wounded team-mates in encouragement.

The display of emotion was far tamer than when Messi bagged his first, seven minutes prior.

After Luis Suarez instinctively kneed his effort onto the bar, the ball luckily fell to Messi, who controlled with aplomb and ran it into the net.

Looking on from near the halfway line, Salah held his arms out in anger at his peers, unleashing a shriek as he pulled his shirt over his face.

After scuffing the turf with his studs, the Liverpool top scorer then rested his hands on his hips before once more clapping his side into action.

Jurgen Klopp lauded his men after the match, complimenting their endeavour going forward but also conceding the mixture of mistakes and excellence which rendered them to a 3-0 loss.

“How we caused them problems was outstanding and we controlled the game in the second half,” the German tactician said.

“It was bad defending for the first goal but 1-0 is not a big problem.

“Going out for the second half, I don’t know if we can play much better.

“But they had one moment against the crossbar and then Lionel Messi’s there for an easy goal, and the other one is a wonder strike. It was unsaveable.”


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