D-Day veteran leaves viewers in tears as he battles loneliness after losing wife Vera


Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid did their bit this morning as they spoke openly about the One Million Minutes campaign. The campaign, which urges people to pledge time to lonely people over Christmas, was a charity that left viewers quite emotional.

During the charity’s promotion, the show’s hosts brought along 94-year-old D-Day veteran Cyril Banks to discuss his life.

When he arrived on the sofa Cyril began by speaking about his wife, and how life was for him shortly after he died.

He said: “I started a different life, I must say, that even before she passed away I got involved in the Not Forgotten Association.

“And that was a new life for me, my wife joined with me from the very beginning.”

“Then I started organising concerts near home, and everybody who came here was so overjoyed!”

Fans of the show were just blown away by the heart wrenching story.

Many of them spoke out on Twitter, with one writing: “I was blubbing as I registered.

“It showed even @piersmorgan has a soft side, he was so sweet to D-Day veteran Cyril Banks #1MillionMinutes #GMB.”

Another wrote: “@GMB Cyril Banks! What a man!! My heart goes out to you mate!”

A third said: “Cyril Banks on @GMB – I’m in tears! I love him amazing hero! Well done Annie #veteran #owesomuch #hero #gmb.”

A fourth simply added: “Cyril Banks, what a hero #GMB.”

Tones were much different in earlier interviews as Piers went up against Alastair Campbell.

Speaking to the former politician, Piers announced: “You’re a Labour die hard man. All I see you doing is tactically voting all over the place.”

He went on: “Your heart is not in Labour anymore. It’s a weird election with a lot of Labour people voting Tory and a lot of Tory people voting Labour.”

But Campbell returned: “I don’t feel I have changed, I still feel I’m Labour even though I’ve been kicked out of the party.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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