Couple sues Phoenix for $10M after cops pull gun on kid who stole doll


A Phoenix couple is reportedly suing that city for $10 million, alleging they were unlawfully arrested after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a store.

During the May 29 caught-on-camera confrontation, officers drew their guns on Dravon Ames and his fiance, Iesha Harper, after being anonymously tipped off to the youngster’s theft, according to 12News, an NBC affiliate.

The couple only realized their daughter swiped the doll once they left the store, according to a notice of claim filed Wednesday that was obtained by the network. The couples 1-year-old daughter was also with them at the time.

Ames and Harper then took their kids to their babysitter at a nearby apartment complex, which is where police officers approached them.

A bystander captured a portion of the arrests on video, which was released by the Phoenix Police Department Tuesday.

The footage first shows an officer roughly handling a man believed to be Ames.

The man was cuffed while being held to the ground by an officer, then lifted and shoved into a police car.

The cop then kicked the man in the right leg and yelled, “When I tell you to do something, you f——g do it,” video shows.

The man, who appeared to be complying, said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Shortly after, another officer with his gun drawn opened the door to couple’s car, with Harper and her daughter’s still inside.

“Get your f—— hands up!” that officer at one point repeatedly yells.

Once Harper exits the car with their children, the officer lowers then holsters his weapon.

Harper eventually handed her kids off to an unidentified woman before being cuffed herself.

Amid the confrontation, one of the officer’s allegedly told Harper, “I could have shot you in front of your f—–g kids,” according to the notice of claim.

Phoenix police are conducting an internal probe of the incident, according to NBC News.

“The Phoenix Police Department takes all allegations of misconduct seriously and for this reason, this incident is currently being investigated by the Professional Standards Bureau,” a police statement said.

The couple’s suit alleges the officers committed battery, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest and other civil rights violations.


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