Countryfile: Tom Heap left red-faced after sustaining injury despite stark warning


Countryfile viewers were treated to another dramatic announcement this evening, as Tom Heap explored a growing concern in the english coastlines. After first exploring the growing number of plastic litter in the seas, he moved on to the spawning oysters.

Tom welcomed Anna Yunnie, a marine biologist, onto the show this evening.

Together, the pair delved into the “alien” invasion seen frequently in Devon.

Anna boasted there were “thousands and thousands” of pacific oysters taking over the waters.

Originally introduced to boost the shellfish industry, they quickly became a “clear and present danger” to beach users.

As Tom moved in to investigate further, he caught his finger, injuring himself during the chat.

Tom bent over to pick up a cluster of oysters, prompting Anna to announce: “Watch your fingers!”

Unfortunately he groaned, and revealed he had been cut by the razor-sharp creatures.

He said: “Yeah, I’ve got the tiniest cut there. Proof that they are sharp.”

Anna defeatedly responded: “Oh dear…”

As she went on to explain more details about the oysters, Anna continued: “If you look at that compared to the native oyster, they’re much taller.

“And they’re very, very sharp – as you just found out.”

Tom made light of the issue, before going on to show viewers how dangerous they can be to the natural environment, as the oysters are spawning at an alarming rate.

Thankfully, he later went on to showcase some ways the nautical industry are tackling the shelled menace.

Earlier this month fans of the show pointed out Ellie Harrison was wearing clothes she had already worn before – concluding that the episode was filmed some time ago.

Posting their findings on Twitter, fans began explaining the situation to their fellow viewers.

One wrote: “This wasn’t filmed recently… was it? #countryfile.”


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