Cory Booker fundraises on back of Bill de Blasio’s 2020 launch


Cory Booker is making a hard push for donations on the back of Bill de Blasio’s 2020 announcement on Thursday — in a bid to not get squeezed out of the Democratic primary debates.

In order to qualify for the debate stage, candidates must either garner at least 1 percent in three polls or earn donations from at least 65,000 unique campaign donors, with 200 from 20 different states, according to the rules set forth by the Democratic National Committee.

In an email blast Thursday afternoon, Booker’s campaign announced a goal of reaching 15,683 debate-qualifying donors before the first debate next month.

“You may have heard of Newark’s suburb, New York City,” the campaign email says. “It’s [sic] mayor, Bill de Blasio, just became the 23rd Democrat to announce their candidacy for president.”

If more than 20 candidates qualify, the ones who reach both polling and donor thresholds will get priority.

“With such a crowded field, the DNC will have no choice but to get more aggressive in defining who qualifies for the debate stage,” Booker’s message says.

“For an underdog campaign like ours, the debates mean everything. They give us a platform to compete on even ground with every other campaign, especially ones that are raising millions of dollars.”

The bottom of the email links to a page to “chip in $23” — a nod to de Blasio being the 23rd candidate to enter the race.


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