Coronation Street cast: Jim McDonald actor Charlie Lawson finally scatters wife’s ashes


Charlie Lawson, 59, revealed he was encouraged by his current partner Debbie Stanley to scatter his late wife Lesley Bond’s ashes, years after her tragic death. The Coronation Street star reflected on their relationship as he admitted the make-up designer “had a horrible end” while dealing with a prescription drug and alcohol addiction. The Jim McDonald actor said Lesley was “damaged” and battled “chronic depression”. She was found dead in 2010 aged 55, due to a fall and hypothermia.

Charlie had split up with Lesley before she died, but he has admitted she still “has a special part” of his heart.

Charlie recalled: “She had a horrible end. She’d become a raging alcoholic. 

“There was no one else involved, and we still loved each other very much, but it was becoming dangerous to be with her.

“She was living in Oxford and had a fall. Police were called a couple of days later as she’d been reported missing.”

The actor then spoke about the “awful” moment when he was called too identify his second wife.

He continued to The Mirror: “They said I had to identify her. They initially thought she had been murdered, but she had died of hypothermia.

“It was awful, absolutely terrible to go and identify her because I loved her.”

The ITV favourite kept his late wife’s ashes “for a long time”, until he had a conversation about scattering her remains with his other half, Debbie.

He said:  “Debbie instigated it and told me, ‘We need to do this’.

“Lesley’s sister – also called Debbie – and her husband came along and the four of us went up [to Scotland].

“My Debbie was brilliant because it was hard for her too. I’m proud of Debbie for doing what she did and I’ll never forget it.”

Last year, Charlie spoke out about his health woes after suffering a Transient Ischemic Attack, which is a mini stroke.

The soap star broke down in tears while discussing the subject on Good Morning Britain with hosts Piers Morgan, 54, and Susanna Reid, 48.

He said: “I was in the middle of the second half of a play on stage in front of 1100 people.”

The Coronation Street icon wiped his eyes as he added: “I remember – I don’t know why I get emotional about this but I do.

“The first thing I remember is I went deaf and everybody went blue. And then I saw white lights, and I didn’t know where I was.”

Charlie also credited Debbie for helping him to cope with the traumatic incident, explaining: “I couldn’t have got through it without Debbie and that’s for damn sure. I do have to reassess how I live my life.”


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