Corbyn's 'repugnant' security concerns spark outrage ahead of London NATO summit


Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Hague accused the Mr Corbyn of being “ideologically unwilling to take any step to defend the Western world.” The former Foreign Secretary stressed the vital importance that NATO played in defending the West from its enemies, claiming that the organisation is “as vital to our future as it has been to our past.” He highlighted the threats posed to the West and its political values by a resurgent and belligerent Russia and a more assertive China.

He argued that the alliance would need strengthening and that political leadership was as important as military power in securing both the organisation’s future and that of democratic societies.

Mr Hague wrote: “The survival of free and open societies will depend crucially on our ability to strengthen the Western alliance.

“And that is going to need political leadership as well as military capabilities, for armed forces are of limited use and alliances rapidly erode if political leaders do not believe in their purpose.”

While insisting that Boris Johnson could be trusted to uphold the UK’s strong contribution to NATO, he questioned the Labour leader’s commitment to do the same.

He said: “Every Labour government from Attlee to Brown has made a strong contribution to Nato and so has every Tory administration.

“It is certain that Boris Johnson would continue that tradition, perhaps even more energetically in the light of Brexit.

“The Labour leader in this election is, however, unlike any before him in the post-war world.

“His statements and votes on conflicts, alliances and world affairs would have been as repugnant to Clement Attlee or James Callaghan as they are today to Tony Blair.

“At the leadership hustings in 2015 he couldn’t think of a circumstance in which Britain would use its Armed Forces”.

More to follow…

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