Commuter takes escalator 31 STOREYS underground to reach China's deepest subway station


Bizarre footage showed a commuter taking escalators down China’s deepest subway station as he travelled 309 feet underground.

The Hongduti station of Line 6 in central China’s Chongqing was 196 feet underground before it was extended further deep to connect with subway line 10.

The extended station has become the country’s deepest station – equivalent of 31 stories below the ground.

A total 91 escalators have been installed in the station to take passengers between Line 6 and10 and the ground level, according to local media The Paper.

Hongtudi station is now extended to 309 feet underground

The station has installed 91 escalators from the ground level to the deepest section


It will take passengers around three minutes and 15 seconds by escalators to enter or leave the Hongtudi station or longer if they can take the 354 steps.

Chongqing is known as a ‘mountain city’ due to the hilly terrain.

The subway station has be built deeper underground to avoid damaging air-raid shelters and pile foundation of street buildings.

The extended station was open to public at the end of 2017.

It takes passengers about three minutes and 15 seconds to enter or leave the station

The station is built deep underground to avoid damaging air-raid shelters and pile foundation of street buildings


A spokesman for the construction project said: “Workers have to carry all the materials and tools by hand due to the depth of the construction site.

“When reached the bottom, we have managed to install a mechanical transport system to alleviate the load on the workers.”

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