Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host receives shock message from son – ‘You’ve had your life’


Chris told listeners by the time his youngest children leave he will be 71. The 53-year-old was told by his son, Eli “you’ve had your life”. He said Eli “had a point” 

Speaking on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, Chris said: “Tash and I were talking about this yesterday and about the fact we have twins.

“So when the twins are 18, I will be 71.

“I said this out loud over the dinner table last night and Eli said, ‘but dad you’ve had your life. It’s our turn now.’

“Excuse me?

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“He sort of has a point.

“I think the later on you have children and if you can and we were very lucky enough to be in that position.

“The more you ensure against that moment in the hallway when the last one goes off to college.

“As long as you’ve got one, that’s the thing, isn’t it?”

He then spoke to his co-host who has recently “called it a day”.

She said: “Yes, I’ve called it a day.

“I will 50 when ours leave.

“Think of all the freedom.”

Chris added: “Well, that is one bump in the road, isn’t it?

“Or at least a bump in the whole carpet that particular moment.”

Chris was discussing the topic of kissing your children when they go to their first day at school.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.


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