Celtic and Rangers row erupts as 'stupid question' blasted in awkward TV exchange


The pair were both working as pundits on the BT Sport Score show when they traded verbal blows over what Sutton perceived a ‘stupid’ question.

Savage broke away from the Wolves vs Fulham game he was watching to ask Sutton: “What’s bigger, managing Celtic or Rangers, or Scotland?”

The nature of the question frustrated Sutton, who shook his head and responded: “Come on Robbie.”

Savage knew he had riled the outspoken former striker – so he kept at it to get a response.

“Answer the question,” he ordered but Sutton continued to knock it back.

“It’s a stupid question, I’m not answering,” he replied before saying: “It’s irrelevant, as most of your questions are.”

Savage appeared to be loving the fact he had irked his colleague as he ranted back: “It’s not. Answer the question. Answer the question.”

The show’s host Mark Chapman butted in to try and get things back on track – telling Savage not to lose focus on the game he was watching.

Savage snapped back into line, delivering a short assessment on Wolves 1-0 win before reverting back to the row he had started.

“Can I go back to that? He’s got so much to say but he won’t answer the question,” he laughed.

“What was the question?” Sutton responded to which Savage reiterated: “Celtic or Scotland?”

But again Sutton was having none if it as he snapped back: “They are different jobs. I don’t answer stupid questions.”


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