Carol Vorderman: Countdown star addresses ‘weight struggles’ in startling show revelation


Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman, 58, said she struggled to lose her baby weight following the birth of her daughter Katie, now 28, and couldn’t fit into many clothes.

Explaining all on her BBC Radio Wales show, she began: “In the 1990s, I had my first baby Katie and I couldn’t lose my baby weight.

“You know how now people are back to a size 0 within a day, it wasn’t like that for me.

“As soon as I got pregnant, within about three days of being pregnant, I was pregnant from my knees to just under my nose.”

Reflecting on her weight after giving birth to Katie, she added: “So afterwards, I couldn’t lose the baby weight and I did an advert for a certain washing powder, and they buy your outfits for you because they want you wear a certain thing.

“There was a lovely pair of black elasticated waisted trousers… well I couldn’t get into anything for about two years after.

“So I must’ve worn them on Countdown all the time with different vile coloured jackets, worse than Richard Whiteley’s at the time.

“These black trousers must’ve been worn on Countdown, I think about and I’m not joking… 400 times.”

When asked if they were her favourite by her co-star, she added: “They were my favourite and the only thing I could get into… and they were comfy as well.”

After the birth of her daughter in 1991, Carol had her second child, a son called Cameron, with her now ex-husband Patrick King.

Carol stepped down from her role on Countdown in 2008 after 26 years.

These days, the mother-of-two is often pictured in figure-hugging attire which showcases her hourglass physique and pert derrière.

Earlier this month, two-time Rear of The Year winner Carol Vorderman hit back about discussions regarding her appearance.

When asked how many times a day people comment on her appearance, Carol told The Telegraph: “Oh. Hundreds.

“And one of the sad things is that people think I am only ever talking about the way I look, when really it’s just what’s printed by the media.

“It’s the Kardashians who’ve changed that. There’s no other content now.”

She continued: “Social media and all of that, I can’t fight that battle now, so I just choose to pay no attention to it.”

Carol also previously revealed she was often asked if strangers can touch her bottom.

“I cry laughing every time but I let them have a feel,” she told The Sun. “I’m like ‘Help yourself, love’.”

She added: “I won Rear of the Year twice and I have a laugh with it.”

Countdown airs weekdays from 2.10pm on Channel 4.


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