Burden of Truth season 3: Will there be another series?


Burden of Truth is a Canadian legal drama created by Brad Simpson. The series stars Kristin Kreuk, Peter Mooney, and Alex Carter with the first two seasons receiving positive reviews from critics. The series also premieres in the UK on Universal TV and on The CW in America. Will there be more Burden of Truth to come?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about Burden of Truth season 2

Will there be another series of Burden of Truth?

Yes, there will be another series of Burden of Truth on CBC.

The second season achieved positive reviews and achieved a score of 69 on popular review site Metacritic.

Season three was given the go-ahead on Monday, March, 25.

Actor Peter Mooney, who plays Billy Crawford, broke the news to his 30 thousand twitter follows.

The Burden of Truth star wrote: “That’s it, back to Winnipeg!”

“It’s official!!! We’ll be back shooting Season III of #BurdenOfTruth this summer.”

Fans were over the moon with the announcement with many replying to Mooney’s tweet directly with excitement.

One fan wrote: “I can’t wait!!! That ending was amazing. #BurdenOfTruth.”

Another commented: “YAAAAAY congrats on season three Peter!! I can’t wait to continue watching.”

A third fan tweeted: “I’m so happy!! Can’t wait to see what happens.”

Filming for the previous two seasons took place in the summer months, so production for season three is likely to begin very soon.

There will be eight episodes in the upcoming series, the same as seasons one and two.

What will happen in Burden of Truth season 3?

Burden of Truth stars Kristin Kreuk as corporate attorney Joanna Hanley.

In the final episode, Joanna found out who really killed her father.

After scattering her father’s ashes, Joanna was ready to head to Singapore to work at her law firm’s international practice.

However, seconds before she was about to leave, Joanna turned up at Billy’s house in true Rachel and Ross ‘she got off the plane’ style.

Joanna asked Bill if he would ask her to stay to which he replied he could not compete with Singapore.

Joanna then tells Billy he did not answer the question and her reflections could be seen in Billy’s bookcase.

With Joanna not going to Singapore and the trial of season two wrapped up, season three could head in any direction.

Burden of Truth season 3 is currently in production


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